Sunday Morning Teaching


Did you know that the number one Resolution for 2018 was “To Become a Better Person”. That resolution supplanted the most popular one from the last few years - which was losing weight. What does it actually mean to be “good?” We’re talking about character, aren't we? What do the motivations of our heart say about our true character?

Grace is a supernatural work of God that transforms the heart and that’s radically different than a work of human effort that restrains the heart. We're being challenged to SHIFT from thinking that doing good things is the same as being a good person. To shift from artificial restraint of our hearts to authentic transformation by experiencing the love and grace of God daily. That’s a huge and freeing difference and the character traits that result from a transformed heart are ways that grace in turn flows out in our lives everyday.

Sunday February 18th:
I take pride in my family, I take pride in my abilities, I take pride in the way I do my job … these are all great ways of thinking about pride, which may be more reflective of a sense of respect for yourself, your achievements, and the things around you. However, the dark side of pride is what we have been battling since the Fall of humanity. In the studies of psychology and psychoanalysis, the “self” is constantly under investigation. Man is constantly at odds with others, seeking help for relationships and power struggles. Man is at odds within himself, as the Id (the instinctual part of the mind) battles with the Superego (the moral conscience); or as Paul says, the flesh battles with the spirit.

This Sunday, we explore Humble Grace as Paul’s letter to the church in Corinth says, “Love does not boast, it is not proud”. This seems counter-cultural especially when we are able to tweet, post, and snapchat every detail of our lives to prove that we are fun, we have something going on, or that we have things. Humility is not our natural default, and it is hard to be humble when most messages from the world tell us to be otherwise. As we read through 1 Corinthians 3:21 – 4:7, we will see the message that Gospel Humility is not thinking less of yourself - it's thinking of yourself less!

When we gather as church there's always a warm welcome, good coffee and plenty of time to hang around connecting with each other. We share in each other's joys, pray with each other in times of hurt and pain, and encourage each other as a people who are living out the love of God!

Hope to meet you!

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