Beaufort West

Beaufort West in South Africa is a community that is in need of help. Our good friend Pierre Roux, Director of AFRICA TO ASIA INNOVATIVE MINISTRIES (ATAIM), is serving this community and trying to make both a real day-to-day and a spiritual difference in the lives of these precious people.

One of our university students, Steve Elliott, went to South Africa during the summer of 2014 to work with Pierre in Beaufort West - scroll down a ways to the 2013-07 Beaufort West Update (July 11/13) for more detail. Steve was introduced to all the projects in beaufortwestolivegrovejpgBeaufort West, participating in everything from construction and building maintenance to teaching and caring for children, as well as visiting the olive grove project that NRCC had the opportunity to support. One of the main projects was a very large outreach event in BW. Pierre rented the local soccer stadium and Steve headed up an outreach team.

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Please read the updates below to learn how to more effectively pray for and support the Beaufort West work.

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"Do all the good you can, in all the ways you can, to all the people you can, as long as ever you can." – John Wesley


Excerpts from January to March 2016 Ministry Report

Hi everyone,

2016 been a challenging year to date but one full of expectancy of what Jesus is going to do.

Sharon’s work load is getting to be ridiculous as they add more schools to her workload but don’t increase the staff. I really believe she should join me in the ministry because her admin, finance and people skills are invaluable and with us growing it would be great to have her by my side and with the children grown up, it would be so wonderful to have her by my side playing an active role in the ministry (and getting the reports out lol)

From the 3rd Jan we have had 4 teams here from YWAM (3 from Germany and 1 from USA) for 3 months. Out of those 3 months we spent 10 days in Beaufort West with the teams. We have had another team from Germany and they went to Beaufort West with Salome for 10 days.

I believe that Jesus is telling us as an organization to be purposeful about what we are doing and I see Satan is distracting us with many diversions which is still ministry but not our true calling. Once Chris and Robyn are completely settled in Beaufort West, then we can have the teams in Beaufort West for 2 months or more which will be a bigger advantage as they will be able to maintain the centralized kitchen, work on the farm, build relations on the trash dump, man the coffee bar at the truck stop (3:16 centre) and do children’s and youth ministry at the schools, our 3 churches and Stoney’s soup kitchen. We want to develop the ladies ministry but building trust will take time. Margie who runs the ladies ministry is building relations with the Pastors wives and we are excited at the small beginnings. I am loving leadership coaching and am getting many opportunities to coach. We want to stick to these few projects but really be real, relevant, righteous and purposeful and really concentrate on doing all we can for Jesus in the small things and let Him give us the increase.

I have just returned from my 3rd trip to Beaufort West and spent a wonderful time engaging with our Pastors and project leaders, talking about their way forward and our vision for the next year and we are all on the same page, praise Jesus. The Pastors are so excited at the turnout of youth who come to meetings when teams arrive. Thanks to the ER Christmas team who got the ball rolling with 300 plus youth attending the first Christmas party and with the YWAM Team carrying on that trend we are seeing youth wanting to engage. The sad thing is when the teams leave the attendance drops. The Pastors want more teams and want to be equipped to reach the children and youth with fresh ideas in a real, relevant, righteous and purposeful way. Salome has started building great relations with the police and the police are picking up youth on street corners and giving them the option of going to the youth meeting or being harassed by the police. These youth arrive with huge attitude but within minutes they are fully participating.

In Feb, Graham and I went to Kwa Zulu Natal to officially hand over Sinekhono to a local church, which is in line with what we feel Jesus is telling us to do. We believe Jesus is telling us to pray and find churches/organizations to take over all our existing projects outside of Beaufort West so that ATAIM can concentrate all our teams, focus, resources and energy on Beaufort West. We also followed the major truck route in KZN and were shattered and overwhelmed to see the children at risk so far from their homes hanging at the truck stops. At Harrismith we saw one truck stop that was as big as all the truck stops in Beaufort West put together. It was so heart breaking to see all the children in prostitution. We know we can’t start anything there but we saw how badly Beaufort West could turn out and it made us more determined to our very best for Jesus in Beaufort West and roll out a model that works so that we or others can do similar programmes at other truck stops in South Africa.

We had the privilege of spending a day and night at Kwazisebanthu, which is a farm ministry in KZN. I learnt so much from them and am looking forward to going back and learning more. Everything they do is based on faith and prayer. They don’t ask anyone for money and they don’t even send out newsletters. When we asked how much our accommodation was, they said they did not charge and if we wanted we could give a donation but only if we wanted to. They are the largest producer of peppers in the country. They send out 33 000 litres of spring water a day. They are the 8th largest producer of avocados in SA. They have a very successful drug and alcohol addiction rehabilitation programme that is only based on scripture and prayer. Everything they need or want to do is done through prayer and it was so humbling to see them in action and seeing how Jesus has undertaken for them since 1951.

3:16 Centre
Money is coming in slowly and the owner is still unable to sell it. I still believe this is ours but I don’t see us getting until we are able to staff it correctly and for it to be used full time. This centre will form the back bone of our ministry in BW. We have held a number of coffee bars at the truck stop and have seen a serious decline in Pimps, Gangs and ladies in prostitution. We know that this is due to all the prayers going out. We have known of other places they hang out and as soon as we have our mobile coffee bar we will be able to be more effective.

Stoney’s Soup Kitchen
Stoney’s daughter has taken over the soup kitchen and in the beginning she had a few problems and there were days the kids did not get fed. She seems to have found her feet and they are back on track. Her heart is not in it and says she has to do it because it is her mother’s dream. This makes it all the more important to start the centralised soup kitchen. She is still feeding between 200 and 300 children a day depending on the amount of food made. She makes sure that all her children on her books are fed first and then she will feed the children who just show up.

Children’s and Youth Ministry
Thanks to all the teams we are getting, we are able to have some consistency and we are starting to build steady relationships with many of the children. Our biggest growth is in the youth ministry. Having so many young adults on our teams the youth are drawn to them. Also having the first ER Christmas team do a youth party for over 300 children got the ball rolling. Also having the police involvement helps so much. We really have an opportunity to develop this ministry and look forward to Jesus sending us a full time youth worker.

Ladies Ministry
This is going really slow but Margie is starting to make head way with the Pastors wives. When we get them fully on board we will see a huge turn around in this ministry.

Anti Trafficking
Salome and her team have done Traffick proof to over 5000 children and youth. They have run coffee bars with 100’s of ladies in prostitution all over Cape Town and Beaufort West. Last month because of the team building relationships with the ladies, they were informed that a 14 year old girl was being held by a pimp in a house and she had been there since she was 12. They went to the house and the pimp was not there and they managed to rescue the young girl, praise Jesus and she is now in a safe house. They stopped a man from selling a 2 year old at the truck stop but due to the slowness of the police to respond the man got away. They have managed to pull 15 young kids out of trucks before they could get in. They have shown movies at the various places and the turnout has been very good. Due to this awareness many people are starting to open up and tell us what is happening in the community. This is what led to the young girl being rescued and the man being stopped before he could sell the child.

Leadership Coaching
There is a real hunger for leadership coaching especially among the youth. I have been asked by YWAM to help with leadership coaching with their teams coming to South Africa and I have enjoyed this challenge and the interaction.

Pastors Fraternal
The Pastors are growing in confidence with each other and in themselves. They are starting to interact with each other without our asking which is an answer to prayer. We are down to 4 Pastors because 1 Pastor was transferred away. We have just had an application from a youth Pastor to join the fraternal so the Pastors are checking him out and will invite him shortly

Trash Dump
We are having more and more coffee bars on the dump and getting to know them better. Every time we go we have a time of worship and prayer and they are getting used to us and when they see us they start coming over. Every Sunday that we are in Beaufort West we run Church without walls and the average turnout is small but we are building a good relationship with the few and this bodes well for when we start needing workers for the farm. We just need to be more active here and spend more time.

Laurels Light Ranch
We are still waiting for the transfer to take place and it drives me crazy walking around the farm and not being able to do much. We have just been informed that we need to pay Value Added Tax on the farm and this is an extra R84000.00 that we did not expect, but Jesus has got it and our Lawyer is busy fighting it which gives a chance to raise the money. The dam has completely dried up and we have only had 12mm of rain this year. We have planted 4 olive trees and 2 pomegranate trees. So we will see how these grow. We are busy talking to the people of St. Francis Centre to see if we can rescue the 175 olive trees there, the water pump and water tank that was donated by several of our sponsors. It would really be great to get all of these as we have identified an area that we could plant them and we would need the tank and pump to bring the water there. We also have a section of fencing that needs to be replaced.

Gods Little Lighthouse
It is really great having Ron and Amy there from ER on a full time basis. The children are way better behaved. Nick and a team from ER built the Dream Centre for ER’s afterschool program and what a wonderful job they did. I have not seen Pam so happy and relaxed in many a year as she is now.

Miemie’s Soup Kitchen
She is still going strong and now feeds over 350 children, twice a day. We managed to get there twice this year to run a children’s program but it is nowhere near enough. We are praying for a local church to adopt Miemie’s soup kitchen and run children’s programs once a week and holiday programs.

Thank you all so much for your love, prayers, e mails of encouragement and support. Without it we would not be able to carry on. We praise Jesus for you and pray for you all.

Walking with Jesus together

Pierre and team

March 2016

If you had told me the year would end like it did, I would not have believed you. From my foot being in a boot, with the chance of amputation hanging over my head at the beginning of the year to walking the perimeter of the 139 hectare farm Jesus gave us.

The Year started out with us seeing 2 young girls climb into a truck and a little girl disappearing off of the dump. This lead to us starting an anti-trafficking dept. in ATAIM. Both Graham and I did not have a clue what we were doing but we knew we had to do something. We started a mobile coffee bar at the truck stop and just spoke to the drivers and ladies in prostitution. We showed movies there on trafficking. We were blessed to have Salome’ Geiger join us, to lead our drive against the scourge of trafficking. She will be doing an in depth anti trafficking programme in schools, churches and our projects. Please pray for her safety and God’s direction in this seemingly unending problem. We have been trying to buy a building that will be a multipurpose centre at the truck stop. We went to the auction but we nor did anyone else get it. We are praying and know this centre, which we call the 3:16 centre will be ours in God’s timing.

We also had the privilege of Margie Walker joining us, bring her wealth of knowledge. She is running the ladies ministry. Her first trip to BW, she met with the pastor’s wives. She learnt that the pastor’s wives could not deal with the hurting and the broken, when they themselves are broken and hurting. Margie has a lot of work ahead of her helping these ladies help their own. Please pray for wisdom and guidance as she works with these ladies.

Graham Haddad has done a lot of work with the children at Helping Hands, the children working the truck stop, God’s Little Lighthouse and Miemie’s Soup Kitchen. Graham has done yeoman work behind the scenes, especially when I was disabled. Please pray for him as he puts programmes in place for next year. Also that Jesus would set him free to be able to minister to these precious assets full time.

Wow it was so exciting to see 5 pastors come together this year, distrusting each other and by the end of the year they were firm friends and working together and encouraging each other. After 6 years of struggling, this is really a Jesus moment and I just praise Him for what He has done this year.

Helping Hands is still going strong but Stoney is tired and she is battling to find suitable helpers. She is looking tired. There were 77 feeding projects in BW. Stoney’s is the only one left. We want to run a centralised soup kitchen from the 3:16 centre and take the cooking burden of Stoney and then start feeding at the schools. Stoney also runs the programme for cancer survivors. She now has 4 men in her group. Extreme Response ran an amazing Christmas party for the kids and the cancer survivors. Stoney needs her house extended. She has so many kids she looks after and they sleep all over her house. Please pray for the extensions and for loyal workers to come alongside her and take some of the feeding burden off of her shoulders.

We started working with the youth of 3 churches and we have had between 30 and 50 attend. ER ran a Christmas party for the combined youth. I was so blown away. We had budgeted for 180 children and over 300 children attended. ER did an outstanding job sorting out gifts for all the kids. The pastors were overjoyed at the turnout and I think the pastors had more fun than the kids. Please pray that the pastors would capitalise on this great opportunity given to them by God through ER to reach these kids. Please pray for someone to run this ministry and really be a light to the youth.

The trash dump is still a frustrating ministry. Every time we take a step forward we end up taking 2 steps backwards. We have been running a coffee bar on the dump in order to get to know them better. Every time we get to know someone they disappear. ER ran a Christmas party on the dump and it remains one of the heart breaking parties for the team members but a real joy to the dump workers. But the big news is Jesus bought us a farm, the dream of 6 years ago is coming to fruition. Once we take transfer we are going to start some of the workers on the farm clearing rocks and preparing the ground for planting. The rocks will be used for building. There is a second blessing for the dump workers. In India they build 2 storey school buildings out of 2l coke bottles that are filled with plastic. We have an abundance of both on the dump. We will pay them for every bottle brick they make. Hopefully this trend will catch on and we can play a huge role in recycling this waste that does not biodegrade. We are so excited at this and have been to, and camped on the farm and we still cannot believe this dream has come true and every step we took on the farm we prayed and praised Jesus. Please pray for wisdom as we tackle this project and that Jesus would be glorified at all times.

God’s Little Lighthouse is doing so well. I have not seen it operating so well in many a year. This is due to a huge effort from Ron Townsend and Nick Carnill from ER. They have been a true blessing to the kids and to the staff especially to Pam who has been ill for a good part of the year. ER has done so well here and it has set me free to concentrate more on BW. Please pray for the new dream centre and the kids of GLLH who have experienced a lot of turmoil with the local rioting and mass fires. Please pray for all those involved.

Masiphumalele Rugby U/20’s did not embarrass themselves this year and had a fine showing, finishing mid-way on the table. Not bad for guys who have never played rugby before. I had the privilege of being the life skills coach to these great bunch of guys. Most will move onto the senior teams next year. I resigned from my post in order to devote more time to BW. Please pray for a Christian life skills coach to take over from me.

Miemie’s Soup Kitchen has grown to over 350 children and Miemie still feeds them twice a day. Graham has been out there a few times to work with the children. We really need more helpers to help Graham with this wonderful opportunity to reach these kids. We managed to buy her a huge gas stove which has helped immensely. Please pray for more workers.

Jesus raised up a church who has taken over Sinekhono completely, setting us free to focus more on BW. Please pray for wisdom for the new church as they deal with all the problems related to this project.
We had the honour of Stevie Elliott joining us again for 3 months in 2015 as a volunteer. His work ethic was something to behold and was a huge encouragement not only to the projects, the ministry, but also to our family.

Our warehouse was stoned during the rioting and left if full of broken glass and rocks but nothing else was damaged. We praise Jesus for this. Please pray for office space for us as our team has expanded from 1 to 5 locally and it is not safe for the ladies to work there. Earlier this year I was shot at, and the gunmen shot one of the drivers in the chest.

I was truly blessed with a trip to Canada early this year and catch up with supporting churches and ER Canada. (Some folks from Nashville Rd. Community Church) laid hands on my toe, anointed it with oil and prayed. I then went to a cell group who also prayed and from those moments the healing began and my toe is 100% healed, praise Jesus. I also got to see Paul Cripps for the last time before he passed away. The world lost a great leader, family man and friend and we are all poorer for it but richer for knowing him. I was totally spoiled in Canada and it was a great time of refreshing for me.

Then I had the privilege of going to the USA with my good friend and ministry partner Graham and we did a whirlwind tour and like Canada we were spoiled rotten. We learned so much and I am still processing all the info we learned on prayer, children’s ministry and anti-trafficking. We made new acquaintances and had a good time with old friends and supporting churches.

Our vehicles continue to be the bain of our existence, forever breaking down but praise Jesus always after an outreach or before so that we can make another plan. I praise Jesus for Russell and Jon who work tirelessly to keep them going. Currently all 4 are broken down and in disrepair in one way or another. Please pray for Russell and Jon for energy and wisdom in dealing with our vehicles. Our vehicles have done high mileage and we need to trade them in, please pray for God’s guidance in this.

Sharon is very tired and with more and more schools being added, she is battling to cope. Please pray that she will be strengthened and rejuvenated for next year. Wayne has just got a promotion and is doing well at work. He is moving out next month. Please pray that he will make wise choices and finish his studies. In spite of all the disruptions at Nicole’s university through rioting, even during her final exams, she did very well and will be going to her 3rd year. Please pray for as she needs to decide in what direction she wants to go. Also pray for her protection. As for me I am dancing for joy and praising Jesus for my health and energy. Please pray for wisdom for me as ATAIM goes into a new chapter and new staff will be joining.

Last but not least a huge thank you to everyone involved in walking with us in ministry. You guys are awesome and I praise Jesus for you and we really, really could not do it without you all. You are our hero’s.

May 2016 be all you pray it to be.

Walking with Jesus together
Pierre, family and the family of ATAIM



December, 2014

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all well and getting ready or are already on leave. I wish you all a peaceful, restful and blessed Christmas and may 2015 be all you pray it to be.

My wife, Sharon, has had a really busy year. She was given an extra helper but they are opening so many new schools. The demand for quality education around the world and especially in South Africa is on the rise. She has had a great time being part of a woman’s fellowship and only work commitments kept her away. We as a family are really seeking God’s face regarding Sharon joining the ministry full time. Please pray with us as Sharon starts this amazing journey. (Emails will improve a hundred fold when she is full time lol). Jesus sent out the disciples 2 by 2 and I would really enjoy and value Sharon’s input in the ministry.

Our son, Wayne, has worked long and hard hours. Life as an appie is really tough but as the saying goes, no one has died from hard work. Wayne is hoping to return to college next year so that he can finish his apprenticeship and qualify as a millwright. Please pray that he will qualify and above all find the role God has for him. He has a special anointing but he can’t or won’t see that.

Our daughter, Nicole, did so well at university and finished with a 70% average for her first year. It is so hard to believe that my baby girl is going to be a second year varsity student and will be 20 next year. Where has time gone? Please pray that she stays the shining light that she is for Jesus and that she will be a huge influence in her various classes.

The year started out so well and by the time I returned from Leader Mundial, it all went down so fast. It started with my left big toe getting septic and having an ulcer on the bone. I have subsequently found out that my doctor thought I would lose my foot. We serve a wonder working God who sent me to a great doctor who, over a period of time, saved not only my foot but my toe too. It ended my brief come back to rugby but there is next year.

It was a very frustrating time since May having to sit for the first 2 months and do nothing. I want to thank S/M Giuseppe and Russell for driving me around. We had 4 really good teams from overseas this year working at Sunrise, Helping Hands, Ladies Development and at the Trash Dump. We also did a marriage enrichment seminar, Christmas parties, started working with a new ministry, launched a new ministry, travelled to the USA and India.

I also developed a cataract in my left eye, making me blind in that eye. My right not being too great has left me very frustrated. It has been hard reading and writing and I leave answering emails etc to the last minute because it has been really hard and frustrating. However, I am grateful for all the prayer support that has carried me through. Satan was not finished with me. I returned from India with a gift that keeps on giving and after being home for 6 weeks, I was hit with an E. coli infection. I still have some of the effects. One advantage is that I lost 3.3kg lol. One had to be careful telling others that you had E. coli because people mistakenly thought you said Ebola and ran screaming to the hills.


Ministry Update:

God’s Little Light House (GLLH)

  • Had an intern, Jenna from ER (Extreme Response) who worked with the children in the morning and helped with maintaince in the afternoon.
  • Nick Carnill spent the time Jenna was there helping do a lot of maintaince, which GLLH needs so desperately. Both of them were a real blessing to GLLH
  • ER ran a Christmas party here and the kids had so much fun experiencing the love the team brought through interaction, games and stories.
  • Please pray for teams to help out at GLLH 4 teams a year, to help with VBS and maintaince. This will really relieve Pam of a lot of stress.
  • Please pray for a food sponsor as most of the children do not pay to be there. This puts so much strain on resources. GLLH needs about R3000,00 ($275.00) a month to feed the children 5 days a week.

Mimies Soup Kitchen

  • Mimie faithfully feeds the poor children in her community of Khayalitsha, all by herself. What started out as a feeding program giving 175 children, 2 meals a day; has grown to 310 children a day. The cost of living goes up every month and she just does marvels.
  • Please pray for teams to help with VBS and additional money for feeding.

Masiphumalele Rugby Club

  • What started out as a desire to get fit and play a few games before I got too old, and to carry on the legacy of a previous intern – Stevie, ended up in a ministry.
  • I damaged my toe after only 2 games but Jesus kept me there to clean toilets, fetch and carry and to just support.
  • Jesus led me to another Christian in the club. Now we meet regularly to help him discover his calling. He feels a real calling on his life and I enjoy watching how Jesus is working in his life.
  • It was frustrating sitting on the side lines but I really appreciated the verse God called us to – “Let your light so shine before men that they see your good works and glorify your Father in Heaven.” The more I showed the love of Jesus to my fellow players, the more I was rejected but in the end they actively sought my company.
  • Please pray that as I take part next year as the oldest rugby player in the league that God will keep me fit, free from injury and a bright light for Jesus.

Coaching in Fish Hoek

  • I have the privilege of being part of a journey with 4 business men who are on a journey of discovering all that Jesus will have them do.
  • The guys who drove the buses for the ER Christmas team have asked me to start a coaching group with them and some of their friends in Ocean View
  • Please pray that God will use me as a good coach in the lives of these wonderful men and that I will be a coach and friend and that God will speak and not I.


  • We did nothing active with this ministry
  • We don’t have enough ministry partners in KZN to warrant the kind of money spent to get there.
  • Please pray that we can find a partner who is in the area that we can work with that shares our beliefs and would look after this wonderful project on our behalf.

Second trip to USA and India

  • Started the first morning after arriving with a mission’s course run by the Orange County Southern Baptist Association. I thought I would fall asleep from the jet lag but the course was riveting. It was on reaching your neighbour. I used what I learned and taught it in Talavadi Hills, India.
  • I had a time to share at Hope Crossing and was great to see Pastor Pat and all my friends there and fellowship with everyone.
  • I enjoyed the fellowship and stay with Pastor Ellis. I got to meet with all my friends and supporters and it was really a great time of sweet fellowship and catching up. Everyone was so supportive and encouraging.
  • I then moved on to Walnut (First Baptist Church of Walnut Valley). I was spoiled rotten. I got to meet with so many old friends that I have got to know over 4 years.
  • I was privileged to be part of Books for Beaufort West Primary School. God has such a great sense of humour. He organized weather just like Beaufort West. It was so very hot, I felt at home. A great job was done by FBCWV. Again I felt so loved, uplifted and strengthened. Jesus knew I would need it later. I got to share in Sunday school and church.
  • Next it was off to Atlanta. I got to spend time with Jerry and Dawn and be encouraged again.
  • Next off to India. I arrived there at 4 in the morning with my good friend Russ Danser. I knew God’s amazing hand was on this outreach because the day before I exchanged my money for Rupee’s and had 26000 Rupees on me. The declaration form says you can only bring 10000 Rupees into India. After lots of prayer, fighting with myself and thinking where I could hide the money, I felt peace declaring the money. When I tried to go down the red line I was shouted at and told to go through the green line. They x-rayed my case and told me to move on.
  • The contrast between rich and poor, Muslim and Hindu was amazing. I could not believe the contrast between the cities and the rural areas. In the cities you can hold church freely but in the rural areas you have to be so careful in all you do.
  • Russ and I had such a great time teaching and sharing. Russ had a better time playing with the children, which is where his heart is.
  • We had the privilege of baptising a number of people. You never knew when you were going to baptise because you had to watch out for locals. It is legal to stone people trying to be baptised. Once you are baptised a Christian you need to register at the police station and then you become a second-class citizen. Their faith and hunger for the word of God was mind blowing. I was humbled by these wonderful children of God.
  • I would like to take teams back, to teach, preach and do maintaince. They are really in dire need of good Bible teachers and the pastors are so hungry for more teaching and equipping.
  • The pastors walk for many miles to get to their churches and congregations.
  • Please pray for the Christians and pastors’ safety. Pray for good teachers. Pray for the pastors to be given motor bikes so they can get around more easily. One pastor has to walk through swamps and face wolves, elephants and snakes to get to his spread out congregation. With a motor bike he can go by road, which is the very long way, but at least he will reach everyone safely. Pray for Bibles.

Beaufort West

This is our primary area of ministry. This year feels like we have taken a hundred steps backwards for every step we have taken in the past. If I was not sure of my calling, I would have run away and gone and done something easier close to home. God knew this was going to be a tough year and he surrounded me with a few people from afar to hold up my arms in prayer. It has also been wonderful in the way the words of encouragement have come at the right time - “a word in season.”

  • We want to establish an office and have a full time worker running the office. The worker will help Chris and Robyn who will be joining us on a full time basis in August 2015.
  • We want to set up a central kitchen with a standard menu and deliver the cooked food to our projects. This will save money as we will be able to buy in bulk and feed more people.
  • We need a vehicle for BW to be able to transport the children and elderly ladies to the clinics and hospital.

Helping Hands

  • Suffered a huge scare when one of the babies contracted TB and passed it on to 45 of the other children. Stoney had to walk all the children in groups to the clinic and to get checked out and then everyday she had to walk the kids to the clinic to get their medicine. The kids had to go once a week for 6 months to receive their medicine. This was trying times for Stoney but praise Jesus we did not lose a single kid, especially the ones who have HIV.
  • We still have problems with people breaking in to her store room and stealing food.
  • FBCWV supplied a bunk bed for Stoney who has 12 people staying with her, 9 of them are children. It was really great to see the guys at the ER Christmas party put the beds together in the extreme heat and see Stoney dance for joy. A real blessing to watch.
  • Stoney is now feeding between 300 and 350 kids, Monday to Thursday. She does not feed on a Friday because she believes the parents need to feed them sometime.
  • Please pray for a team to build an extension to her house for an extra bedroom and a secure storeroom out of brick so that we can secure the food and give Stoney more room.

Cancer Survivors Ladies Support Group

  • A new ministry opportunity started by Stoney for ladies who are survivors of breast cancer.
  • She started it this year and it has been a real blessing to be involved with this ministry.
  • FBCVW and Jenna ran parties for these wonderful ladies and it is a great way to get the gospel out to these ladies.
  • ER ran a Christmas party for these wonderful ladies.
  • Three ladies have passed away this year.
  • Please pray for these ladies and for many opportunities to present the gospel.
  • Pray for healing for these ladies.

Nozi’s Soup Kitchen

  • We have suspended working with this project. Ever since Nozi’s daughter took over, the children stopped being fed and there was no ministry happening.
  • Part of our regrouping plan is to try, through meetings, to restore the relationship. Please pray for God’s will to shine through.


  • It is unfortunate that we no longer work with them anymore. They have become money hungry and only want money and not our help
  • Part of our regrouping plan is to try, through meetings, to restore the relationship. Please pray for God’s will to shine through.

St Francis Centre

  • The Catholic Church has taken the ground back from the Anglican Church because they said they were not honouring their agreement. If the truth be told, the Catholic Church received an offer from a property developer they could not refuse.
  • Everyone has been told to go. We lose all the olive trees, the veg garden and borehole pump and water tank.
  • I have made them an offer to run the place better than the previous tenants.
  • Please pray that God will make a plan with this great piece of ground and that we can carry on the ministry here.

Sunrise Ministry

  • Bethany UMC ran a VBS with the children and painted the container donated by FBCWV.
  • FBCWV ran a VBS with the children and they painted the container that Bethany UMC donated.
  • The children sang the songs that FBCWV taught them to the Christmas team. They also did a drama and spiritual dance for the ER Christmas Team after spending the morning playing games with the team.
  • The fence around their container was stolen and then the gangs tried to break into one of the containers and were stopped before they could run away with the TV.
  • FBCWV donated a car to them. The conditions in BW are so bad that in 5 short months the car has been totally destroyed. We now have to go up in the next few days to fetch it on a trailer and bring it back to Cape Town to see what we can salvage.
  • Please pray for more containers so that we can complete the security for this project.
  • Please pray that we can find containers. Currently there is a shortage of containers but apparently they become available again in February.

Trash Dump

  • The dump workers are feed both spiritually and physically every Sunday. Clothes and blankets are handed out as well as trying to help out medically.
  • ER ran a Christmas party with the people.
  • It is really frustrating that after all this time we have not accomplished much.
  • My prayer is that all the teams that have ministered on the dump have had an impact on the ones who have left and their lives have been changed.
  • Please pray that we can be effective here.

Laurel’s Lights

  • Because of all the fracking in the Karoo, the farm prices are extremely high. When the surveys are done hopefully the prices will return to normal.
  • We found a great farm, 91km from BW, and is 3000Ha in size. It has lots of water, hills and animals. It has a school for primary school children and a boarding school.
  • It is a perfect spot to move the dump workers to. It is also a great place to bring children and have camps.
  • We want to run men, women, couple and family seminars and retreats here.
  • We want to have a resting place for burned out ministry workers to find Jesus and themselves again and be restored to ministry.
  • The owner wants R7,5 million ($750 000) which is way over-priced. The farm is worth R4 million.
  • I had the honour of seeing the farm with FBCWV and praying over the farm.
  • Please pray that God will reveal to us exactly what he wants and to help the owner see reason.

Ladies’ Ministry

  • Bethany UMC started the year off running a ladies seminar with an average of 30 ladies attending over the week.
  • FBCWV ran a ladies seminar called At the Feet of Jesus and was very impactful.
  • A number of the ladies then dragged their husbands along to a marriage enrichment seminar lead by Jon and Denise Beckman. We had 15 couples there and they were really impacted. One couple wants to carry on ministering to couples.
  • I started working with the ladies. We are going through a book called Women of the Bible.
  • We are expecting great things from this group. Next year we have a lady Caroline who will be taking this over.
  • Please pray that this ministry will carry on being effective especially with the doors that have been opened.
  • We need many more ladies’ teams to help and be part of Jesus breaking the terrible abuse of women and children in BW.

Pastors’ Coaching Group

  • At one stage we had 13 pastors engaging each other in a coaching group.
  • Graham Haddad from 4 – 14 Transform ran a great weekend on children being used to their full potential in the church.
  • Bethany ran numerous coaching evenings over a week and was reasonably well attended. We still have requests to run the Spiritual gifts course.
  • We then got a pastor from Cape Town to come and teach. He had them jumping through hoops while I was in India. He made so many promises which he broke and destroyed the group and their trust in me as I had promised to bring people with integrity.
  • Please pray that Jesus will restore this group plus send in more pastors. I found out recently that there are 142 churches in Beaufort West

Youth Ministry

  • A new ministry that has been launched this year and we got to spend the evening with them and FBCWV
  • We need to really impact the youth or they turn to gangs. We have already lost 2 of the children who turned 15 and did not want to stay with the children’s program. They joined rival gangs and the one killed the other one and then the rival gang retaliated.


  • We launched STORM Mechanics this year and it is run on a part-time basis by Russell Simon. They have worked on 5 people’s cars that are in full time ministry. They will also redo the car given to Sunrise Ministries if it is salvageable.
  • On top of this both our vehicles have given us trouble this year but Jesus has sent someone at the right time to take care of them.


We have a number of people joining us on a part-time basis.

  • Russell Simon, who runs STORM Mechanics plus his own business dedicates some of his time and resources to helping repair vehicles for people in ministry.
  • Graham Haddad joins us on a part-time basis (until he raises his full support) running our children’s ministry. He brings a wealth of knowledge with him and an established ministry called 4 – 14 Transform, which I alluded to earlier. He also has vast experience in the medical field, especially HIV/Aids.
  • Caroline MacGregor also joins us on a part-time basis (also until she raises her full support). She will be running the Marketing/PRO and Ladies ministry. She also brings a wealth of knowledge with her.
  • Chris and Robyn Loewen will be joining us on a full-time basis in August and will be co-ordinating Beaufort West. They are currently in California. We are so excited at the new approach they will bring and their love for the people of BW is amazing.
  • Watch our website on the bio’s for the each of them.
  • Please pray for God’s wisdom, protection and supply for them.

So for next year we are going to Retreat – Regroup – Recharge – Return.

We are going to evaluate each partner and project to see where we went wrong, what we can do better and how we can work smarter so that we can be Real – Relevant and Righteous.

The first week of January we will be returning to BW with a team from UCT, led by my daughter. All the staff will go to evaluate all the projects. Please pray for us. On January 21 we go to Lesotho on a mission trip. The day after returning I get the cataract in my left eye removed. I am so excited.

A huge thank you to each and every one who has supported us, encouraged us, prayed for us and stood by us through this extremely tough year - even with the lack of communication on my part. I praise Jesus for all of you and may you be blessed in abundance.

I hope and pray you all have a blessed Christmas and an amazing peaceful and restful time. May you all enter 2015 totally rejuvenated and ready to face whatever 2015 throws at you and your families.

Walking with Jesus together,


March 26, 2014

Hi Everyone at NRCC,

I am so sorry for the long delay between updates. There have been computer problems (I hate the new Windows), my cell has played up (the only thing that would work was Facebook - go figure) and then the internet. Satan hates Christians staying connected but we have Jesus who is so awesome.

beaufortstormjpgA new ministry, STORM Mechanics, was born. Russel, who keeps our vehicles going, runs it. We went up to Beaufort West to do some 4/14 Transform Training. Shaidea had informed us that her car had broken down. Sunny's car has not worked for 2 years in spite of sending her a new carburetor. I asked Russel if he would mind coming to BW to see if he could fix at least one car. He brought one of his mechanics along and after 4 days had both cars purring beautifully. The mechanic, John, is a Muslim. He joined us for prayer in the morning, came to the training at night and even joined us in church on Sunday. Please pray for John as he is searching. He is a Malawian and very hungry for the truth. Russel is fetching him and taking him to church with him on a Sunday. Russel and John will be going up to BW every 4 months to work on cars belonging to missionaries and ministers. We also want to teach some of the kids who have given up drugs how to work on cars. As this ministry grows we would like to have these kids work on the poorer community cars for a nominal rate and eventually get the good ones qualified and through their trade tests. We have just appointed a guy to look after our warehouse. He can currently work 1 day a week, which has helped tremendously.

beaufort4-14jpgWe did the 4/14 Training, which is teaching children ages 4 to 14 on how to reach their parents for Jesus. We had a large group of pastors, 9 in total and the largest group so far. We have set up this coaching group. Now each Pastor is going to set up a coaching group amongst his elders and they will set up a coaching group with their small group. Please pray that this will work. I am so excited because for years we have been battling to get pastors to work with us. Now pastors are seeking me out and want to be part of the training.

I have joined the Masi Rugby Club to carry on Steve Elliott's ministry. He made a huge impact there; so much so they registered him for this year in the hope he will come back. I am the oldest rugby player by 7 years and my body is feeling the strain. I am definitely no Stevie! I am enjoying the exercise but not the recovery time.

We have put up more security at Helping Hands to prevent the theft of food. It seems to be working so far. We want to join the feeding kitchen with the house, which will improve security and give Stoney more room to house all the extra children she has taken on.

beaufortdump-shoesjpgNozi, who runs the soup kitchen, is feeling strain. I think she is battling to run her ministry and her job. She needs prayer.

Sunrise Ministries is just growing from strength to strength. They have taught some Biblical plays to the children and they are taking them all over Beaufort West performing the plays. They are also now feeding on the trash dump once a week because they have transport. These ladies are amazing and they would do so much more. They also run a Bible study for ex drug addicts and manage a coaching group of 30 ladies.

There is a church that wants to take over an old, derelict military compound and house the children from the trash dump. This is exciting but it will take a while to secure the compound. We are still working on purchasing a farm for the dump workers but decent farms sell for around $800,000. We have received $50,000 to date so I know God is working on it and it will happen in his time.


We delivered 5 desktop computers and a laptop to the poorest primary school in BW. The pupils plus the teachers were so excited. They could not wait to get exploring.


Our daughter, Nicole, is enjoying university and son, Wayne, is still an appie (apprentice) so working long hours. Sharon also works long hours and is taking on more and more schools. I am enjoying being out of the military but thought I would have more time. That does not seem to be the case.

We have a team flying from Atlanta next week. They will be in BW working with the kids, spending a day on the dump and doing leadership development. Please pray that Jesus would be glorified at all times.

Thank you all so much for your words of encouragement, prayers and support.

Walking with Jesus together.
Pierre Roux DV
Missions Director, ATAIM -


2013 Christmas


First Christmas party in Beaufort West with ER at Sunrise ministries. 300 children what a IMG01322-20131123-1013blessing. It is only 09h00 and it is hot. What a privilege to serve Jesus with every team that comes to South Africa or who support from afar. It is a real joy to walk with Jesus with you all. I know you are all with us in spirit.



IMG01320-20131123-0909Shadia and her new baby. Wow how Wakita has grown.









2013-10 Update

We serve an awesome God and thank you each and everyone for the prayers.

The family is still battling to come to terms with Grumpy’s passing but time heals with Gods grace.

I will be going to BW in the first week of November

Thank you all so much for the prayers and support it really means so much.

Walking with Jesus together



Rough week but God is good!

Thank you for your prayers. We have experienced Satan at work but our awesome Jesus has protected us so well. We knew this would happen when 5 pastors, 9 different churches and 26 people stood as one under Jesus and said, “Here we are. Lead us.”

Firstly, 2 weeks ago my wife, Sharon, and Nicole missed being hijacked outside our house by 2 minutes. The hijackers hit another poor lady as she came out of church and was parked outside our house. Then, on our way, just 50 km outside of BW, the bolts of the trailer sheared off the tow hitch at 120 km/hr. The driver did an amazing job bringing the bus to a stop without causing any damage to other vehicles or hurt to people. Praise Jesus. The bus has a little damage but this could have been deadly as this happened on a busy national highway and on one of the busiest nights for trucks. Ed went back to the town we had just passed and, not knowing Afrikaans, managed to find a mechanic, get some bolts from him and return back to fix the trailer. Stevie played a real role by calming the ladies down and standing guard over them outside of the bus in the freezing cold. In the meantime, I went on to BW and dropped off my load of people. While I was inside, not more than 5 minutes, someone got into my van and stole my cellphone and some money that was on the dash. I don’t mind the phone being taken but all my contacts and data are now no more. (Sharon went the next day to cancel the phone but was delayed by 2 minutes and missed by moments the store being robbed. God is good.) I returned, fetched the ladies and we traveled to the hotel in BW. By the time I returned to the bus, Ed had fixed the trailer and they were on their way.

The outreach has been amazing so far. The pastors have taught every night in 3 different churches and the response has been amazing. Jesus has opened up 5 new churches for us to work with and they have a hunger to learn. Libby has taught ladies everyday and they have really opened up. I am looking forward to seeing the ladies’ leadership develop and grow to new heights. We have done VBS at Sunrise Ministries, Helping Hands and Nozi’s Soup Kitchen. It’s wonderful to see the kids respond to the loving the team is dishing out. The team has divided into 2 for the mornings. One team, led by Stevie, is painting the offices of St. Francis home based care workers and the second, led by Starlyn, is painting the outside of Annex and is repairing their sports equipment. The worship team did an evening of worship training which was very well received and provided a wonderful time of refreshing too. The soccer coaching team had a wonderful time with the local soccer club. They were blown away by the skills of the players from the under 12’s and upwards.

The team went twice to the trash dump and hearts were broken. We fed the people and handed out blankets. The second time, we handed out food and socks and held a music concert for the people there. The people of the dump could not believe that people would come and play for them. I was shattered because my oldest friend on the dump ran up to me and said thank you for always caring. They know when I am in town and know I will visit and their hearts leap when I drive into the dump. They don’t care if I don’t bring them anything because they know I love and care for them and am trying to do something for them. This, along with a man holding so tight and saying he feels like trash and the only time he has ever felt love is when I arrive or bring a team, broke me completely. I have never in my life cried like that. I think I embarrassed the team but I am still crying now. I feel so useless and if it were not for your prayers and God’s grace, I would have run away a long time ago. The program has been full but God’s grace has been overwhelming and keeps everyone going with a beautiful team spirit.

It was great to have Todd from Barnabas Charities join us for 2 days to sort out the container that was sent by First Baptist Church of Walnut Valley. This morning we have the privilege of preaching in 6 churches. Prayers are working. God is opening doors. Tonight we have leadership training and worship training. Tomorrow we finish the painting, do VBS at Annex, hand out 6 guitars donated by Sammy Horner for use by Samantha to teach street children and try to get the trailer repaired properly. Stevie will teach economics to some students, there is a soccer clinic and then the big evangelical outreach at St. Francis Centre. Please pray for us because this is our last event before leaving early the next morning. Tuesday we are going to pray for a farm we are interested in buying before heading for Cape Town. Please pray for journeying mercies. Thank you for all your prayers, love and support because without it I could not do this.

Walking with Jesus together,


New Transportation

Praise Jesus with us for our new microbus. My truck was costing us just too much money Fish Hoek-20130713-00233and thanks to a kind donation from ER USA we were able to trade in our truck. We are also close to getting our Quantum. The face of short term missions in ATAIM is about to change. So we just praise Jesus and look forward to the future.

Please pray for the upcoming outreach to Beaufort West. Its our largest team to Beaufort West to date with 26 people representing 8 churches and also 5 pastors on the trip of which 2 pastors are here for the first time and could lead to 2 more teams coming to do outreach in Beaufort West.


2013-07 Beaufort West Update

IMG-20130710-00222Steve shopping with Stoney and Nozi’s daughter.







IMG-20130710-00223Sunrise ministries with the food donated by a lady from WCCC and the ladies have extra food, a full tank of petrol (only the second time in their life) and a 19kg propane gas bottle which will last 4 weeks instead of a 5kg bottle which lasts only a week and this thanks to two ladies from the last ER nurses team who donated towards this great ministry.





After spending the morning shopping for Sunrise, Nozi and Helping Hands, then it was off to deliver the food and spend the day with them and finalize the last details for the big outreach next week.





Stoney, Nozi, Libby, Steve and Starlyn standing under the new roof after delivering Nozi’s food. What is interesting is there are 6 different churches represented here (including me).